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Custom Builds

This is some general information when we do custom commission builds for customers. This policy goes along with our Terms of Use policies.

We do custom model building of all types of models for customers. This service is done so that others can have museum quality displays for their home or offices. When you contact us about a kit, this is the process we have to determine a price / if we will be able to meet your time frame etc.

  1. You provide us STEP ONE information (See below)
  2. We provide you a set price based on STEP ONE information.
  3. We require the kit / accessories, or if we are to provide them we will gt them ordered.
  4. We require a 50 percent down deposit, that is non-refundable.
  5. Once the kit is complete, we require the balance.

When we do a build, we will need to know the following information so we may be able to give you a specific price.

  1. The specific model you are having us build. (Kit Name, Kit Maker, Scale)
  2. The time frame in which you will need the model completed and to you.
  3. Any special build / finish instructions, specific unit, specific color, paint scheme, accessories etc.
  4. Will we be mounting it on a display, if so what kind, do we supply it or do you already have one.
  5. Any restrictions, ie: Symbolism on the model you do not want (example the Swastika on the tail her German WWII aircraft)
  6. Anything else unique to the kit.

We will then contact you with a specific price and notification if we can meet your time frame. We along with that will send a digital agreement that you will be required to sign. Once that is signed, simply pay the deposit via PayPal and we will begin.

If you are supplying the model kit, simply send it to us with tracking. We always suggest UPS or USPS Priority mail Signature required.

We will complete the model kit, and arrange to deliver it to you. Models of unusual size or complexity we sometimes will hand deliver. Others, will be foam packed, with airbags, and shipped in a special padded box.

We will supply a constant stream of build and finish imagery so you can enjoy the process fully. We are available on SKYPE and Facebook Messenger Video also, so we can chat, communicate and make sure your custom model build is going to spec.

We look forward to building your next pride and joy!