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About Us

Founded in 2018, Model Kit Bases was founded when the owners opened a small hobby and game shop, and due to issues with the building had to close abrubtly. While trying to figure out what to do, they had an idea. Why not supply affordable high quality items to model builders and gamers that were usuable, and unique. With model bases already popular in the UK and Europe, the owners decided to make it happen in the States.

However, they decided to up it a few notches and supply much more to hobbyist and gamers. So Modelkitbases.com was born.

Our bases are constructed out of high quality PVC board that is 3mm thick. We print on them using high quality commercial grade inks, with a UV coating to ensure durability and fade resistance. In fact, our PVC bases are guaranteed for life. Our wood bases are made of high quality woods, sanded, and stained, then covered in a non toxic coat, to seal it in. Then have high quality metal plates with the various descriptions adhered to them.

Our Prints and Posters are printed on high quality acid free paper, and printed using non toxic earth friendly inks, using commercial presses. Our books are printed in the same manner and bound on commercial perfect binding machinery.